Build objective

This series of blogs should record my personal journey I to find out if azure can do.
At the end I’d like
1) SQL azure data base synced with on premise
2) reports published to azure reports from azure database
3) recreate SQL server reporting services mapping store finder.
4) VPN between onside and could
5) internal active directory extended to azure
6) simplistic web site
7) virtual machine replicated from windows Hyper V on site as lab environment in azure.
8) only test data can be public.
9) supplement the study skills required for MCSA windows 2012 and MCSA SQL server 2012 exams.

Azure virtual machines from an iPad the beginning

Well it did seems like a strange combination Azure and Ipad? But that was all the kit I had. Then the next challenge is where do I get enough information to do both.

Work do not allow video streaming so I could to use work time or bandwidth
Kids at home time and space does not allow for a test lab of a dozen servers. So azure and iPad was a sensible choice.

But why?

I enjoy learning that is obvious from my love MVA from it’s early incarnation. My profile Id is 296 and current count is 1.1 million registered some would say I’ve been a slow learner. But I have nibbled at my learning and reach gold status. Each success bread more desire to learn more. Then came the TechNet challenge and the offer of 50 MVA points tipped the balance.

The challenges
1) to study for a Double MCSA windows 2012 and SQL 2012 within a year
2) to not impact live servers is any way.
3) to start and stop study on demand.
4) to study with very little personal budget and very little company backing(self study books is my budget)
5) IPad is my chosen mobile device.

The first step

Sign up for azure and wow it works with iPad



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